Let’s make games better together. Are you up for the challenge? Here’s some specifics on what we’re looking for…
You will be the game designer and level design specialist within the development team of a new multi-platform Multiplayer shooter franchise. The ideal candidate has an intrinsic passion for achieving the best results, the drive to support their teammates in conquering the toughest challenges in the industry, and is well-versed in the purpose and design of great multiplayer levels that engage users in amazing shooter combat.


    Conceptualize, design, direct, and build de game design pillars and also the levels for a brand-new multiplayer shooter game with a structured stage dynamic and a lot of player interaction through class-based combat.

    Create design documentation, also for level design, level layouts, and 3D block-outs for in-engine playtesting.

    Implement areas of the game including layout, prop placement, and other gameplay-related entities

    Collaborate with the Creative Director and Lead Designers to contribute innovative ideas towards all aspects of game design.

    Collaborate with the engineering team to develop and enhance the development of tools and processes used in laying out environments.

    Work closely with the art department to conceive and design environments that are innovative and visually impressive.

    Be a positive influence on the entire team and as a Designer and promote the ultimate promise to deliver fun.


     Minimum 2 years of experience in the games industry working in Game Design, with level design capacity, with at least one title published.

     Strong working knowledge of game design systems, level flow, engagement, economy balancing, environmental storytelling, playtesting, etc.

     Experience in rapid prototyping to test the viability of concepts.

     Demonstrable ability to design and conceptualize creative and interesting 3D game levels.

     Understanding of level creation/editing packages (preferably Unreal 4).

     A full understanding of the relationship between gameplay elements within the level and the overall game experience. In addition, you also have full knowledge of the player interaction with the gameplay elements, and you are able to define those in a way that enhances the gameplay experience.

     Strong communication skills, positive attitude, and the ability to work in a highly collaborative team environment.

     Ability to self-critique and accept outside critique. The more feedback you receive, the more you can tailor your work towards what is best for the game.

     Ability to learn and master new tools and techniques.

     Passion for making and playing games.


     Working experience using an object-oriented scripting language (or preferably, Unreal’s Blueprint system).

     Strong experience with Substance Designer.